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A New Game by Frame Not Perfect

The Turdbots have come to wreak havoc on our insides! Help Pig save your intestines through an oinkin’ adventure in space. You’ll shoot stuff, swipe stuff, and maybe even wipe stuff?


Team up with General Gruntingham and your Boaring 747 to get the deuce done.


Defeat bosses, solve puzzles, and explore space stations! Can you help Pig flush the Turdbots?


This game contains no ads or in app purchases. 


Available now on iOS and Google Play Stores.


 Turdbots Official Trailer 

 About the Company 

Frame Not Perfect is a video game company specializing in mobile applications, all run by a sole developer. 

The mission of the company is to create fun and interactive games for users across all platforms.

Be sure to keep up with announcements for new releases in 2020.

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